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High quality medical and electronical equipments

Massagetoday Ltd. Norway has been a professional manufacturer…

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“When we launched the world’s first desktop stereolithography 3D printer in 2012, Formlabs created new possibilities for designers and engineers to create physical products by giving them access to professional 3D printing technology that had historically been unavailable,” says Max Lobovsky, CEO of Formlabs.

“With Fuse 1, we are taking the same approach to making powerful SLS technology available to a huge range of customers.”

Numerous companies, including global brands like New Balance and Google, are already testing the new systems.

“SLS technology enables designers and engineers to accelerate their prototyping process by combining realistic material properties with the minimization of 3D printing design constraints,” says David Beardsley, manager of Google ATAP Skunkworks.

“With the Fuse 1, a combination of high precision parts, reduced cycle time and robust materials allow teams to easily iterate throughout the design process and accelerate from whiteboard to final parts.”

With this new hardware, Formlabs hopes to make next-generation digital manufacturing more accessible, and enable mass customization through industrial-grade 3D printing.

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