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  • Full Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner

    This laptop versatile linear/convex ultrasound system is ideal for mixed practice. It is designed for bedside use and emergency scanning (triage ultrasound) either on site or in a rescue situation. FON-z65, weight only 2kg, is distinguishable by its bright and clear image quality. The probes offer a wide range of diagnostic applications. This scanner is a cost effective solution for family doctors, veterinary scanning. The complete software package, the multi-step zoom, and the high product versatility are available in it. 

    • DBF: Digital Beam Forming technology 
    • DFS: Dynamic Frequency Scanning technology 
    • DRF: Dynamic Receiving Focusing technology
    • RDA: Real-time Dynamic Aperture imaging technology 
    • DRA: Real-time Dynamic Receiving Apodization technology 
  • Quality protect

  • Remote Software Upgrade

    Remote Upgrade of Medical Equipment